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Tuesday, February 8th, 2022




The advanced technical and increasingly automated nature of the manufacturing industry can often seem to leave human guidance and interaction out of the equation.  However, savvy leaders in manufacturing have always recognized the importance of leadership, people skills and communication. Each of these is key to company culture which in turn influences every aspect of a company’s overall performance.

SRC Electrical, LLC is a longtime participant in the Missouri One Start (MOS) Customized Training Program and fully recognizes the continued importance of people in the highly technical industry of manufacturing. Erin Malone, Director of Human Resources, recognized that 2021 was bringing higher than normal challenges with employee retention. Malone realized the confluence of the COVID 19 pandemic and a constrained community labor market would require new strategies.

Despite their immediate needs, SRC Electrical, LLC wisely took the time to conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey in August of 2021. What they discovered was a growing concern from employees surrounding front-line leadership. More specifically, a lack of cohesive supervisory skills from all front-line leaders.



SRC Electrical, LLC took the survey information to their MOS Local Education Agency, OTC Center for Workforce Development (OTC-CWD). Together, they developed a comprehensive Leadership Development program for Supervisors and Team Leaders. The new program was designed to address the unique issues facing the company and included leadership essentials, improving communication with others, developing, coaching, and managing conflict.

During the first training session, OTC-CWD Industry Expert, Randy Will, quickly gained participant’s attention when he shared that most employees “don’t leave jobs, they leave bad supervisors”. Fifteen participants, all either Supervisors or Team Leaders for both production and warehouse departments participated in half-day sessions held over a 10-week period. With a mix of both tenured supervision and newly promoted team leads, the program provided participants with energy, new ideas, and a better understanding of how to lead and motivate their teams.



Even though the 10-week Leadership Development program has just been completed as of this writing, positive results are already being seen. Malone reports “all fifteen of the participants have provided the same feedback – that this training was fantastic. They each learned so much about not only themselves but others and how best to communicate to everyone.

One of the most memorable sessions from this training occurred when the group learned about the Can/Can’t Will/Won’t Matrix. They were given the assignment to view their employees over the next week and see how their associates fit into the matrix. Once the leaders knew where their associates lay on the matrix, they were better able to understand how to work with those associates and create ‘an environment in which people are self-motivated to succeed’ (Randy Will). This program has given them the tools to build a better rapport with their associates and improve overall retention.”



Malone notes that SRC Electrical, LLC has participated in the Missouri One Start (MOS) Customized Training Program for over ten years. She has the following to say regarding their partnership with OTC-CWD and the training opportunities provided by MOS funds:

The partnership with OTC-CWD and SRC Electrical, LLC has never been better. We are so fortunate to work with a group of people who are passionate about training and developing the workforce. OTC-CWD listens to our company needs and has proven time and time again to be a solution provider.

I highly recommend companies apply for the MOS Customized Training Program. Training and developing your workforce are key to retention. This program gives companies the ability to pair the right training to the challenges unique to your business.”

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