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Holloway America Success Story


As we enter 2023, we’re taking a look at Success Stories from the last few years. Below is an example of training assistance offered by Missouri One Start.

Missouri One Start’s customized training assistance helped Holloway America upskill their hardworking employees. With approximately 80% of its customer-base within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, COVID-19 increased demand dramatically. As a result, the company faced a need for new skills and new ways of serving customers.

When the pandemic caused a massive influx of orders, restrictions on in-person visits caused customers to request 3D modeling on each and every order. This created a productivity bottleneck since only a few of Holloway’s engineers knew how to use the software. To fix the issue, training resources were used to provide virtual, live-led classes to all eight engineers on Inventor software. This enabled the engineering team to clear the bottleneck, and allowed Holloway to fill orders on massive tank and pressure vessel projects from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and others, making November 2020 a record-breaking month for the company.

The company allocated training funds to departments that needed it most, as well as to individuals that wanted to learn more and improve their personal contribution to the company. The training assistance impacted numerous departments including Engineering, Fabrication, Welding, CNC, Machining, Quality Assurance, and Safety.

Find out what it’s like inside Holloway America in this behind the scenes video.

About Missouri One Start:

Missouri One Start is a Division within the Department of Economic Development. Training programs are administered regionally by local education agencies (LEAs). In addition to meeting certain eligibility criteria, companies must be making a capital investment five times greater than the amount of training funds they receive.


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