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Eligible Business Criteria:

(Each of these must be met in order to receive assistance)
  • Entity must be registered to do business in the state of Missouri.
  • Job(s) must be full-time
  • Job(s) must provide health insurance.

Job Board:

  • This assistance is free to eligible businesses.
  • Job Board is compromised of open positions at eligible businesses across the state, searchable by keyword, location, or job category.
  • Open positions can remain on the board as long as needed.
  • Listings are linked to the business’s application portal so that users apply directly with the business.
  • To increase awareness, the job board is promoted regionally each quarter.
  • Listings from this board can be found in a Google search and are a good supplement to other recruitment efforts.
  • To post your open positions on our board, please submit this form.

Branded Recruitment:

  • This assistance is free to eligible businesses with 20 or more jobs to fill at a single location.
  • Promotion is targeted to people who live within a radius of the company (Company may choose the radius).
  • Promotion runs for four (4) calendar days on social media (Company may choose the dates).
  • Clicks on the ads take applicants to a company-branded microsite that gives brief information about the company and lists the open positions.
  • All open positions are linked to the business’s application portal so that users apply directly with the business.
  • The microsite is branded to the company; therefore, the company approves the copy, the images, the use of color, and the promotional graphics.
  • Analytics such as social media performance, visits to the microsite, and clicks on the “Apply Now” buttons are tracked and provided to the company at the conclusion of the promotion.
  • If you have 20 or more to hire at one location, please contact us here.
Should Missouri One Start discover posted jobs that fail to meet the eligibility requirements stated here, assistance will be immediately terminated.
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