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Kawasaki Success Story


Over the last few years, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing in Maryville experienced rapid growth due to the addition of semi-automated machining lines, new die cast machinery, and engine assembly lines. The expansion of operations created a need for additional employees and gave the current workforce the opportunity to grow within the company. As a result, six new Engineering Technician and six Maintenance Technician positions were filled from within. These new techs brought valuable knowledge and production experience to their roles, but additional training was required to develop the skillsets needed for their new positions.

Thanks to the partnership between Missouri One Start and Northwest Technical School, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing received training assistance to skill up the 12 new Engineering and Maintenance Technicians and provide higher-quality training to current production staff. During this process, each new technician shadowed an experienced employee. Engineering Technicians received training on AutoCAD and geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing.

Maintenance Technicians completed courses in areas that included hydraulics and electrical arc flash. This specialized instruction gave new technicians the skillsets to work efficiently and safely in their roles. “These training opportunities impact employee safety and quality of product, but more importantly, [they] allow current employees to advance their careers within the company,” Michelle Peter, Training Administrator III for Kawasaki, said. “For example, the new engineering and maintenance technicians aided in the successful install all of the new machines and assembly lines thus far.”

To make the transition easier, each employee shadowed an experienced employee in that field.  For our engineer technicians, additional training of AutoCAD, and Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing were need to be able to generate and interprete  2D and 3D models.

Our maintenance technicians were given training that included Hydraulics, Electrical Arc Flash, and various courses that gave them the skillset to work on machines efficiently and safely.

About Missouri One Start:

Missouri One Start is a Division within the Department of Economic Development. Training programs are administered regionally by local education agencies (LEAs). In addition to meeting certain eligibility criteria, companies must be making a capital investment five times greater than the amount of training funds they receive.


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