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PFS Brands Success Story


Over the last 10 years, PFS Brands and State Technical College have built an enduring and successful relationship around training programs. As a result of this partnership, the company has seen growth in various areas including production and expansion, as well as employee training, development, and retention. PFSbrands recently constructed a new manufacturing facility which introduced new production lines. A current facility was also expanded during this time. These expanded lines led to the opportunity for new products to be manufactured, further increasing the opportunity for the company to grow. Due to expanding operations the company’s workforce has also grown.

Increased facility space and production line capability mean new hires are constantly being added and current employees are being upskilled to keep up with demand. The training provided by State Technical College, via assistance from Missouri One Start, has helped PFSbrands find and retain employees and provide them with career development to advance to higher skilled positions. Training has also opened the doors for employees to earn higher wages, resulting in higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Carla Dowden, Senior VP People Success remarked, “State Tech has been instrumental in working with us to share knowledge and expertise in getting the training resources we need. Their leadership in this process has been instrumental in our success.”

About Missouri One Start:

Missouri One Start is a Division within the Department of Economic Development. Training programs are administered regionally by local education agencies (LEAs). In addition to meeting certain eligibility criteria, companies must be making a capital investment five times greater than the amount of training funds they receive.


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